A Very Happy Friday the 13th to everyone! (I'm not at ALL a superstitious person) and see today as another day of Promise and Possibility! 🙂
Let us all start the day with a *VERY SPECIAL* short video of some of the most incredible Martial Artist's in the World! (many that I have met and trained with over my career)
JHOON RHEE STUDENT CREED that we recite before every class:
TO BUILD TRUE CONFIDENCE: we can ONLY build Confidence through Study/Preparation/and Training..
THROUGH KNOWLEDGE IN THE MIND/HONESTY IN THE HEART/AND STRENGTH IN THE BODY: Knowledge (Specialized Knowledge is the most valuable!) Honesty (a person of Integrity and Character-that can be relied on) Strength (strong body and mind, through words of Wisdom)
TO KEEP FRIENDSHIP WITH ONE ANOTHER: no...we don't always have to Agree with others, but we must keep Harmony-even with those we may disagree with. We can learn much in life with those with different viewpoints than ours.
AND TO BUILD A STRONG AND HAPPY COMMUNITY: our workplace is it's own community; as is our Families, Schools and so on.
NEVER FIGHT TO ACHIEVE SELFISH ENDS (Verbal or Physical Fighting, Intimidation or Coercion will never be successful; strive for Win/Win in Every transaction with others.
BUT TO DEVELOP MIGHT FOR RIGHT: Not just physical "right", but for the Right "Ideas". The inequities and evils in our societies and the world will NEVER be solved by guns or violence.. They will be conquered ONLY with the right IDEAS and Solutions.
Please take 53 seconds out of your day and enjoy this short video with your Teammates, Family and Friends.
Have a Fantastic Friday and Don't forget tomorrow's LEADERSHIP SUPER SESSION on Purpose/Vision/Goals 10:30 - 12:30pm Sat 1/14 at the Academy!
Power Up!
Mr. Culin — feeling wonderful.